Life Happens – The power of human interest angles

I’m editing an ebook at the moment called “Bye Bye Fatty”. Once again, it made me appreciate the power of human interest angles in writing.

Here’s a man, a lawyer, who has always worried about his weight. The book is about his struggle from being called “Fatty” at school to discovering his final, simple weight-loss solution.

So it’s about weight-loss, sure. But it’s also about a normal, complete person struggling with a common demon. And that’s what makes it an interesting read.

As someone who was overweight his whole life, he solved his problem through lessons learned from failed attempts.

As a lawyer, he solved his problem with percentages.

As an integrated part of a large and boisterous family, he looked at his problem socially.

As a man getting older he considered his problem with his long-term health in mind.

This isn’t just a man wanting to lose weight. It’s a complete person with quirks and a job and stress and a family and cravings and a fear of failure. And that’s what makes the book involving.

His complete story makes the book believable. Because he fought through the process of understanding his problem, his eating solution is believable. Because he believes in the results himself,  his belief seeps through his writing.

Editing this book is easy. The writer did most of the work. He wrote something that is:

  • real
  • honest
  • like life

Something most self-help books, and sales messages, miss.