Straight-forward Radio Executions

When a client wants a straight-forward commercial, it usually means a no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is approach. The effectiveness of these commercials often rely on choosing an excellent voice and getting a good delivery. The point of this style of execution is for the voice to talk, not sound like he’s reading a script. Which is why I prefer not to have clients voice the scripts themselves.

Sticking to the script isn’t mandatory. If changes happen which sound natural and unrehearsed, that’s great, as long as the message remains strong. Here are some examples I wrote:



Example 1:

Music:            Light classical under and throughout

MVO:              (Older man. Calm, confident. Speaks with massive authority)

After 82 years in the business, we can safely say we’ve learned a few things about selling cars. And we’ve learned a few things about you.

At Kohler Auto we’ve learned that being a family-business means our very existence doesn’t depend on the stock exchange, interest rates or board member reports.

It depends on giving YOU excellent service.

Kohler Auto. Your absolutely committed Opel and Isuzu dealer in Witbank.

Call 0861 K-O-H-L-E-R.




Example 2:

Music:             Under and throughout – to enhance female voice.

FVO:               (Sincere. Calm. Having a conversation with listeners – not talking “to” them)

50 years…That’s a long time to be in the real estate business.

(Smiles in understatement) And yes – you could say we gathered some insights into the South African real estate market in that time. We also took the time to define and implement a very specific, non-negotiable, ethical code of conduct. Which is why we are trusted and loved amongst all South African home owners today.

You can’t claim people’s love and respect. You earn it by being there when they need you. For the past 50 years.

Aida. Everything we touch turns to sold.


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