SFX concepts on Radio

A sound effect is a great way to liven up any radio commercial. The most effective commercials grab the listener’s attention within the first 3 seconds. Sound effects are a good way to do this.

Sound effect and radio in general also allow the listener to imagine more than the voice is stating. If used well, sound effects in commercials can be incredibly engaging. Sound effects are also generally cheaper to use than a piece of library music.



Example 1:

SFX:                S.O.S Morse code (Short short short. Long long long. Short short short)

Music:             Music in. Under and throughout

FVO:               (Female, wise and calm. Mother figure)

Asking for help used to be simple. But in today’s modern world, we often end up looking for help in all the wrong places.

Swallows Herbs and Natural Medicines are nature’s way of treating diseases. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Send us an SOS the next time your body needs help. Call us for free advice and for natural herbal medicines at affordable prices.

SFX:                Morse Code under pay-off line

FVO:               Swallows Herbs and Natural Medicines. Live natural, live longer.




Example 2:

SFX:                A few people repeating the word “property” over and over again and in quick succession. I.e. “Property property property property property property.” Continues softer under first section of VO.

FVO:               (Female voice. Strong, sincere)

Everyone is talking about property. But for the final word on property, talk to the property specialists.

SFX:                People chattering stops.

FVO:               Gatehouse Properties. Have a look at our online showroom for sales and rentals… And for info on some additional property services we provide – which everyone needs.

Go to gatehouseproperties.co.za. Or call 013 752 7686.

Gatehouse Properties. Property specialists for a time such as now.




Example 3:

SFX:                One note played on a piano (or another instrument such as a drum).

MVO:              (Thirty-something, conversational delivery) What is sound?

SFX:                Note / drumbeat repeated.

MVO:              Sound happens when air molecules vibrate and enter your ear in a pattern called a sound-wave.

SFX:                Note / drumbeat repeated.

MVO:              At Windhoek Hearing Aids we help your brain interpret sound waves better.

SFX:                Initial note or drumbeat leads into a piece of remarkable music which continues under and throughout.

MVO:              We also offer awesome sound experiences with our range of speakers, headphones, i-pod docking stations and more.

For great sound, visit Windhoek Hearing Aids. Hear the difference.




Example 4:

SFX:                Slow, steady heartbeat. The heartbeat starts and continues under VO.

FVO:               (Extremely sexy)

We’re testing the response of an average, hot-blooded Namibian male to the range of cars, boats, bikes and bakkies we have on the Investment Cars website.

First – some pics of our sports cars and 4 x 4’s…

SFX:                Heart-rate speeds up noticeably.

FVO:               (Becoming breathless) Then, some of our super-hot bikes and boats…

SFX:                Heart-rate speeds up even more.

FVO:               Oops…and that’s a screen-saver of me in my g-string…

SFX:                Heart-rate speed goes through the roof.

FVO:               Whatever gets your pulse racing, find it at www.incars.com.na.

Investment Cars. Life. Style.


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