Light / creative Radio Executions

Copywriters and clients often use humour as a tool to sell. Sometimes it’s effective, sometimes it’s not.

If a commercial is just a joke and a punchline, chances are the joke will be remembered and not the product.

Relating the message directly to the joke is more effective (but often less funny).

So it’s a toss-up. Here are some ads I wrote which worked well:



Example 1:

MVO:              (Light-hearted announcer voice) What is big and white and can fly when it’s dead?

SFX:                Extended whistle, followed by a crash as a computer (metal, glass and plastic) hits the ground.

MVO:              Computers! Don’t let them get you down! Help is just a phone-call away. At Sithole Computers we offer technical support, rentals, consultancy and more. In short: solutions to all your computer problems – no matter what the budget.

Sithole Computers. On site. Online. On time. Call 013 755 1400.




Example 2:

MVO:          (Manly voice. Dry, completely deadpan delivery.)

This morning you checked yourself in the mirror. “Howzit good-looking” you said.

You looked closer. You’re looking a bit rough. And not in a good way.

Next stop: Barbershop. No appointment. None needed.

You sit down. Get a trim. No chit-chat, no girls’ stuff. You’re in and out before you can say (pause) snip snip.

The Barbershop: They do hair, beards and hair-loss prevention stuff. Seven days a week.

Find them at Brooklyn, Menlyn, Kolonnade, Woodlands and Centurion Mall.




Example 3:

MVO:              (Middle aged, young at heart) This is Max.

SFX:                (Dog) Bark!

MVO:              He’s a Jack Russel.

SFX:                Bark Bark!

MVO:              But he doesn’t know that.

SFX:                Questioning whine

MVO:              Because sometimes he thinks he’s a Rottweiler.

SFX:                Max growling

MVO:              And other times he thinks he’s a fish.

SFX:                Splash in water, yapping and panting

MVO:              So now I have Paws and Claws pet insurance. Because sometimes accidents happen. And when they do, I want to be able to look after him just as well as he looks after me.

SFX:                Happy bark

Anncr:             (Female) Paws and Claws Domestic Pet Insurance is only $ 150 per month for up to three pets. Get them insured today. Call 308-400.


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