Hard-sell on Radio

Stand-alone commercials are often hard-sell. These are hard-hitting, high impact and high repetition executions. They often feature special or limited offers.



Example 1:

MVO:  (Late 30’s / early 40’s, excited and upbeat)

Save thousands! Even HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS on prime properties in Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria!

It’s the Massive Property Clearance Sale at M and T Development!

Buy directly from the developer! Pay no transfer or bond registration fees, and get the widest range of price options available!

Go to www.m-t.co.za NOW. Offer only valid while stocks last!

M and T Development. Building your future.




Example 2:

Music:             Upbeat, magical music under and throughout

Anncr:             (Male VO, very excited)

Do YOU know the magic words to win BIG?

FVO:               Abracadabra?

MVO:               Open sesame?

Kid:                  Please?

Anncr:             NO! It’s “Starlite N$10 MTC voucher”!

That’s right! From now until the end of December, you could win N$ 5000 a month when you buy a Starlite pre-printed N$10 MTC voucher!

Give your retailer the magic words and recharge now! The more vouchers you buy, the more chances to win!

Starlite. Proudly recharging you.


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